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Massachusetts Taking Baby Steps Towards Casino Gambling

Massachusetts Taking Baby Steps Towards Casino Gambling

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The state of Massachusetts appears ready to take the plunge into the world of legalized gambling. It is not, however, the elaborate plan that Governor Duval Patrick had in mind when he first suggested the idea.

Governor Patrick ran his campaign in Massachusetts with a platform that included bringing casino gambling to the state. His first efforts from last year were turned away by legislators, but this year it appears the idea is gaining momentum.

The state may have to take baby steps before it realizes the ultimate goal of Patrick, which is casino resorts. A plan is being proposed today by Treasurer Tim Cahill that would bring three slot parlors to Massachusetts.

Cahill’s plan is to place a twenty seven percent tax on revenue that is generated at these slot parlors. Under the proposal the halls would be allowed from 2,500 to 3,000 slot machines each. If approved, Cahill believes the state would bring in an additional $244 million.

Governor Patrick actually had projections that were lower than that of Cahill when he proposed his casino resorts. The money generated from Cahill’s plan would actually be higher for the state, with less gambling taking place.

The money that would be generated would come largely from licensing rights. Licensing fees would be paid under a fifteen to twenty year contract and could bring the state upwards of $2 billion.

Massachusetts Gambling Debate To Heat Up With Governor’s Advice

Massachusetts Gambling Debate To Heat Up With Governor’s Advice

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The state of Massachusetts is in the same position that most states are these days, they have legalized certain forms of gambling that the government can control, such as the lottery and bingo, but have not taken the next step, casino gambling.

In the next week Governor Deval Patrick is set to release his findings into whether the state should support the legalization of casino gambling.

The state is in a better position than it was financially a few years ago, so money, although enticing, will not be the only motivating factor to whether or not to support the form of gambling.

The central issue in the state is whether to put slot machines into their racetracks in Plainville, Revere, and Taunton-Raynham.

This is where the split in politicians comes in, some want to allow the racetracks to have the slot machines to generate more money and jobs, while others believe the state should hold out and allow the racetracks to bid on the right to have the slot machines.

Massachusetts is like most states in that their morals seem to arise only in times of non economic crisis, so the outcome of the debate in this state could most likely be drawn out for a long time, or at least until the budget takes a hit strong enough that the issue of allowing casino gambling becomes a valuable option.